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I have been to daily Yoga classes with Ashish for about a month in India, Rishikesh. I loved every single class and always looked forward to the next. Ashish has been a wonderful teacher, sharing his knowledge, passion and love for Yoga in every teaching. Thank you Ashish, the experience has been so great that I keep thinking back and missing India, Yoga and the energy there. Keep doing what you are doing to inspire more people.


Maiken Christiansen


Hey! I could write millions of nice words on you, but I keep it short and cool Ashish is one of the most significant people in my "yoga life history"! I am so happy and grateful I got to practice with him, he is a wonderful soul and a great teacher! He is so skilled and passionate about what he practices and teaches, and he really knows how to pass that on with his own personal style of humor, disciplin and hard work.


Celeste Fourie


Ashish is an amazing yoga teacher. He is very patient, persistent and inspirational. Ashish teaches in a way that students of all levels can understand and uses effective demonstrations and explainations to help students get from where they are to achieving the goals they are desire. His passion and belief gave me motivation to keep going when I felt challenged.


Soha Alaa

This school has a bunch of amazing teachers, I can count them from the best in Rishikesh, I have been taught the Ashtanga vinyasa series 1 by the amazing Ashish, he always cares that everyone is getting everything in the right way and he always there to help and adjust everyone in the class.
Vikas is very sweet and he has a simple nice way of teaching, I have been taught hatha yoga him by him. His classes was fun and useful.
Tanushree is an amazing friendly person and she is always there for everything, I really love her way in teaching and she has lovely calming voice.
Having vivek ji as an anatomy teacher in this school is a great asset, he has a great knowledge about many things and he is always generous with his information. I think anyone will feel home in this school and it's gonna be one of the best in no time.

Yasmeen Alla


From where can i start, these teachers left me speechless with their awesomeness .
Never thought i would love a place or people as much as i loved my teachers and Rishikesh!
They are just amazing, you will get all what you need without asking, they are not only preparing you to be a good teacher but also to be a great human, their knowledge is amazing and they are very generous with it, they won't let you lost or with an unanswered question, simply they will add to you in every possible aspect! Loved the way they teach us and the way they treated us as family before students, will never ask for more! starting from mantra, pranayama, anatomy and yoga, just amazing ?? Keep it up teachers . Special place in my heart will always be for you ? thank u for making me a better person ?? Namaste


Marcela Guardiola

I was looking for a Yoga course for 3 years but at that time I couldn't dedicate myself to it. So I started practicing yoga alone, at home for over a year, with an APP and in 1 year I had only 2 classes with my friends.
The thing is that we need someone to guide and help us on postures. I use to be very sore after practicing and I was really afraid of classes in India just because of this, I was thinking: If I am sore practicing just a little bit everyday how am I'm going to be practicing hard with Indian teachers? But I was wrong, I was practicing wrong.
With classes I understood what Yoga really is, what involves, and how involves body, mind, spirit, breathing... first discipline then Yoga. I understood how our body react and respond to all asanas and pranayamas, the strength of mantras before and after, the importance of staying focused on all movements!
Is not only a physical practice as we use to think, to have elasticity and a beautiful body... I learnt how to breathe properly, how to move properly, to observe my thoughts, made me want to be better in all asanas and also as a person! Yoga showed me the way I want to live. I can say I am blessed to had the opportunity to do my course in India with great teachers! It was not a Yoga course, it was a life style learning!!