200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
in Nepal

About Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course is renowned for its comprehensive structure and excellent teachers. The course is certified by Yoga Alliance USA and is internationally recognised. As soon as you have successfully completed the entire 200-hour teacher training course, you will obtain a certificate that says that you are a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). You will now be able to impart your yoga knowledge to students across the globe without any hassles. You now have the minimum required skill set to teach yoga.

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200 hrs Yoga TTC in Nepal

9th to 30th(Sep) & 3rd to 24th(Oct)

Private Room
$1700 1800
Shared Room
$1500 1600
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Vinyasa Yoga Flow with 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal

We believe that Vinyasaflow allows one’s mind to move the body consciously. We work on the breath, allowing you take voluntary actions that must be kept in check so that the energy and involuntary action can be in our control. The breath is what helps connect the mind to the body, and by controlling the rhythm of your breath, you can exercise better discipline and command of your mind. Such a practice will help inculcate strong willpower within you. Once you have mastered the rhythm of your breath, your dreams and aspiration will become much clearer. With such foresight, you will find that your goals will materialise.

Yoga Alliance Certification

Full accreditation with the Yoga Alliance is given to this course. Graduates and candidates will now be able to register for this 200-hour course of CE (Continuing Education)in their RYT 500 registration.

About Vinyasa Yogashala And It’s Location

The Yogashala is located in Pokhara, in Nepal and is very close to the capital city– Kathmandu. Nestled in the Himalayas, the incredible scenery and location make it the perfect place to immerse yourself in the ways of yoga. The instructors are very experienced and well-versed in all aspects of yoga, including Pranayama, Asanas, and the adjustment of postures, Shatkriya, and Meditation. We ensure that all graduates from our course will be proficient across all disciplines, and to be the best version of themselves. Our teachers are experts in asanas and are recognised internationally. We aspire to ensure that our students acquire the best knowledge and skills to achieve any goals that they have set for themselves.
In Vinyasa Yogashala we push our students to get the best knowledge, skills and experience from our teachers so they can achieve their own personal goals.

“one who can read his breath can read his future”
“Vamana Rishi”

We will provide accommodation for the entire duration of the course. There are huge-spacious yoga rooms and lots of open areas to make this an ideal place for practising yoga. Some highlights of the accommodation are as follows –

accommodation at vinyasa yogashala
balcony view at vinyasa yogashala
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    Every room comes with an attached bathroom.

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    Water heaters and hot water facility are available.

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    Free Wi-Fi inside the premises..

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    24x7 security with the presence of CCTV cameras.

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    Access to water throughout the day.


The food served is purely vegetarian. This is to ensure that you are not distracted by any means and to maintain a spiritual environment throughout your course period. You will be served three sattvic vegetarian meals per day.

breakfast at vinyasa yogashala
salad at vinyasa yogashala
200 Hrs Yoga TTC Curriculum
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    Detailed teachings of classical Hatha Yoga.

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    Detailed teachings of Vinyasa Flow.

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    The power of Pranayama.

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    Yoga Nidra or “conscious sleeping” technique.

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    Detailed anatomy with relation and effect of yogic practice

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    Mantra chanting.

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    Basics of Ayurveda.

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    Introduction of Mudras (Gestures) & Bandhas (Locks).

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    Teaching and learning of various meditation techniques.

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    Basics of Yoga Therapy.

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    Understanding the roots of Yoga Philosophy.

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    Primary stage of Kundalini yoga and its preparations.

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    Shat-kriyas (Six cleansing techniques) and its related therapies.

Daily Schedule
vinyasa schedule
vinyasa yogashala schedule
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Nepal

Monday – Saturday, with Wednesday being a half-day class.

Sunday – Excursions

Time Schedule
5:45 am Classical Hatha Yoga
7:30 am Pranayama
9:00 am Breakfast
10:30 am Yoga Philosophy
12:00 pm Alternate classes of Mantra Chanting/
Teaching Mythology/ Adjustment & Alignment
01:00 pm Lunch
03:00 pm Yoga Anatomy
04:15 pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga
06:00 pm Meditation and Relaxation
07:00 pm Dinner

While studying yoga, it is vital for the candidates to feel connected to the spiritual sense of the environment. The yoga course includes a trip to serene, spiritual places around the city of Kathmandu. Tours to some of the holy caves of the mighty Himalayas is, undoubtedly, going to leave you spellbound. It is going to be like taking a course and also a holiday into the spiritual land.

Courses Fee Includes:
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    Himalyan Sunrise Trip

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    River Rafting

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    Yogi Cave Visit

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    Ganga Arti

beatles ashram visit with vinyasa yogashala
rafting at vinyasa yogashala
How to Reach Us
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By Airways

All the main cities are connected to Rishikesh. You can directly reach Dehradun’s Jolly International Airport, which is situated only 15 kilometres from Rishikesh, from your place or via Delhi’s International Airport. For your ease, we can arrange a taxi from Jolly International Airport on request, Free of Charge.

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By Roadways

If you choose to visit Rishikesh by road, that would also be a convenient option. You can take a taxi from International Airport in Delhi. If you want, we too can book a taxi for you. The moment you land there, the taxi will be waiting for you, and you can reach us conveniently. You just have to bear the price of US $70.

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By Railways

If you are a fan of railway rides, then you can take a train from Delhi to Haridwar. Land at Haridwar station as it is only twenty-five kilometres from Rishikesh. Once you are in Haridwar, you can hire a taxi. Or we can arrange the taxi for you free of charge.