300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Come for a month and experience a healthy living like never before. Here is a stay in yoga 300 hour yoga teacher training course. Come as a novice and go back, a teacher.

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100 Hour

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What you'll learn

  • 100+ hours of online live training
  • A certificate acknowledging that you completed the 300 hour online YTT
  • Eligibility to register at the Yoga Alliance
  • In-depth understanding of the styles of yoga, anatomy, and philosophy
  • Pre-recorded course videos to refer to, along with recordings of live sessions
  • Beginner to intermediate courses
  • Duration of 1 year to complete a course
  • Books, manuals, and other study material
  • 10% discount for all in-person courses (within a year)


Nine hours in a chair. Isn’t this what all our lives have been reduced to, sifting emails and racing through deadlines, thinking about targets, and finally making long rides on a car seat to and from work. Don’t you think it’s time to start getting active, to start worrying about that body that is slowly working its way to start giving you the punishment it thinks you deserve?

So, come enroll at the online 300 hour yoga teacher training course. No excuses, you don’t need to make a request for leaves, you don’t need to get a ticket and make a long journey, you don’t need to pack a suitcase and get ready to stay away from home. All that you need to do is take some time for a few active evenings where we come to your home via the internet, to teach all that you should have learned a long time back if you want to sustain your body to the end of your days.

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga is the union of the body, mind and spirit, and the holistic course - in addition to preparing you to be a teacher - also teaches you about the lifestyle and ways of a true yogi, and how to live a full, happy and healthy life.

Yes, we are talking about yoga. This is a online 300 hour yoga teacher training course. You read that right, we say teacher training because here at the Vinyasa Yogashala we don’t believe in just teaching yoga but spreading yoga throughout the world. And so, we aim to turn every student walking through our door into teachers who will in turn help us make this world a healthier place to live in.

So, if you would like to help us, and of course, yourselves, then be wise and make a decision now. Those emails will always be there. Your phone will always beep. Put away those gadgets and commit your evenings to us and your life and health will never be the same again.

Major Style of Yoga and other classes you learn!

  • Classical Hatha Yoga
  • Ashtanga, Vinyasa Yoga
  • Body Alignment
  • Adjustment of yoga pose
  • Teaching methodology and sequencing

What other subjects I will learn!

  • Basics of Ayurveda
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Bandhas (Energy Lock)
  • Mudras (Energy Gestures)
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga Psychology
  • Yoga Anatomy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Satkarma
  • Satsang
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Question & Answer Session
  • Assignments and examination

Be a part of Vinyasa Yogashala

  • Expert supportive team
  • Experienced and Professional yogis
  • Affordable course prices
  • Get help from us after the completion of the course.

Why Vinyasa Yogashala?

  • One of the most trusted & leading yoga school
  • Experienced yogis who have years of experience
  • 10000+ candidates already join this course
  • It offers multiple yoga & spiritual course
  • 100+ expert yoga teachers 
  • Students registering from different locations
  • Learn spiritual & physiological courses along with yoga
  • Get a peaceful mind & healthy body by learning authentic yogas.

What will you get in our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program?

The course structure is the same as in-person teacher training, designed fascinatingly and engagingly. Other than that, you will get:-

On-demand videos It is sent to the email address that you used for signing up.
Class Recordings You will receive all recordings of the in-person YTT program at our ashram. Not only teachings but also you can hear students' questions and answers to their teachers.
Discussion Group It's a group that will assist you in contacting your peer students and asking your queries.
Practical Assignments With several practical assignments, you can quickly get hold of whatever is taught in any asana class.
Printable Notes To help you follow all lessons easily, you will get printable notes for every chapter.
Quizzes At the end of every chapter, some quizzes include multiple choice questions. These quizzes assist you in checking if you have understood all lessons perfectly or not.
Support Calls Teachers make support calls where you can ask any questions you want.

Who this course is for

  • Who want to become a certified yoga teacher
  • Who want learn and expand their knowledge in yoga
  • Beginner to intermediate level students

What will you receive ?

  • 300-RYT certification course accredited by Yoga Alliance
  • You can register in Yoga Alliance after the completion of this course
  • In-depth understanding of Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation & Philosophy
  • Course Level - Beginner to Intermediate
  • Course Duration: 1 year - You can complete this course anytime before 1 year.
  • Compatible with all kinds of devices
  • Course Manual, Books and study materials are included in the course fee
  • 10% discount on in-person courses valid for one year

Course Content

Asana's we are going to practice in the Training -

  • Pawanmukhta series 1
  • Pawanmukhta series 2
  • Pawanmukhta series 3
  • Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) practice with Beej (root) Mantras.
  • Adhomukha Swanasana (Downward facing dog )
  • Ahho Mukha Vrikshasana (Handstand)
  • Balasana (Child pose)
  • Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)
  • Urdhwa Mukha Swanasana (Upward facing dog)
  • Veera Bhadra Asana (Warrior 1)
  • Veera Bhadra Asana (Warrior 2)
  • Anantasana (Lord Ashish Asana)
  • Tad Asana Triyak Tadasana
  • Marjariasana (Cat and Cow pose)
  • Santolasana (Plank pose)
  • Bakasana (Crow pose)
  • Vyagrasana (Tiger pose)
  • Dhanurasana (Bow pose)
  • Chakrasana (Wheel pose)
  • Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand)
  • Halasana (Plough pose)
  • Karnapeedasana (Ear press pose)
  • Pincha Mayur Asana (Feathered peacock pose)
  • Tittibhasana (Firefly pose)
  • Sirsasana (Headstand)
  • Shashank Asana (Rabbit pose)
  • Raj kapotasana (Pigeon pose)
  • Simhasana (Lion pose)
  • Eagle pose (Garudasana)
  • Camel pose (Ushtrasana)
  • Ushtrasana (Camel Pose)

The word 'pranayama' has two etymological explanations. It has been in interpreted as a combination of the words pranayama. The word ‘Prana’ means the ‘Vital force’. The word ‘Ayama’ means 'expanding the dimension'. So, in the first sense pranayama means expanding the dimension of ‘Vital energy’. The word ‘Yama’ means 'restraint' or 'control". So, here pranayama refers to the 'Control’ or ‘Restraint’ of prana.

In Pranayama (yogic breathing) Here the students will learn the clear concepts and practices of Pranayama including different breathing exercises mentioned in Hatha yoga & with benefits and contra-indications.

  • What is pranayama?
  • What is five sub prana in yogic science?
  • What are Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna Nadi?
  • What is Nadi?
  • The psychological effect of yogic breathing.
  • Importance of diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Kumbhaka (breath retention)
  • Kapalbhati pranayama.
  • Bhastrika pranayama.
  • Brahmari pranayama.
  • Ujjai pranayama.
  • Sheetali pranayama.
  • Nadishodhana.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Syllabus

  • What is Vinyasa flow yoga?
  • What is Yoga sequencing?
  • Standing asanas sequencing
  • Sitting asanas sequencing
  • Backward bending sequencing
  • Forward bending sequencing
  • Kneeling asanas sequencing
  • Balancing sequencing
  • Inversion sequencing
  • An advance group of asana sequencing

Things we will learn in Yoga philosophy in 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course certificate programs are -:

  • Introduction of yoga, origin and its history.
  • Principles of yoga.
  • What is Ashtanga yoga? (Eight stages/steps of Yoga and self-realization)
  • Pancha Koshas: The 5 sheaths of existence
  • What is Brahmcharya (Celibacy)?
  • The three characters of human constitution.
  • The three states of consciousness in yogic science.
  • What is chakra?
  • Mantra Yoga: Tools for Freedom and Perfection.

Understanding one’s body, its motions and limitations is the step to understand and deepens your yoga practice. Yoga anatomy is the essential part of yogic study as it aware about the gross body and the mechanism that is working inside. We will learn about Body basics and food basic according to Ayurveda.

Structural Anatomy

  • Bones system
  • Joints
  • Muscular system

Physiology according to yogic system

  • Respiratory system
  • Digestive system
  • Central nervous system
  • Spinal anatomy
  • Yogic management of disease

Mantra is the powerful sacred words which we believe that Mantra is very important from the perspective of self-practice so at our school Vinyasa Yogashala.

In our Vinyasa Yogashala mantra session, we guide the Student to understand and learn the pronunciation of Mantra's word by word, so that they can feel the vibration and ultimately it will help them in the path of self-realization.

We will learn -:

  • What is Mantra? What are the types of Mantra?
  • What is Chanting (Japa)?
  • What is OM? How one should pronounce OM?
  • What is the discipline of Mantra chanting?
  • What are the benefits of Mantra chanting?

List of Mantra we going to practice

  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Omkara Mantra
  • Self-realization Mantra
  • Guru Mantra
  • Obstacle removable mantra

Covers: Alignment, Adjustment, Drishti (Gaze), Ujjayi Breathing, Surya Namaskar A, Surya Namaskar B

  • Padangusthasana
  • Padahasthasana
  • Utthita Trikonasana
  • Parivrtta Trikonasana
  • Utthita Parsvakonasana
  • Parivrtta Parsvakonasana
  • Prasarita Padottanasana A B C & D
  • Parsvottanasana
  • Eka Pada Padangusthasana A B C & D
  • Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana
  • Utkatasana
  • Virabhadrasana A & B
  • Dandasana
  • Paschimottanasana A B C & D
  • Purvattanasana
  • Ardha Baddha Padma Uttanasana
  • Triang Mukha-Ika-pada Pashimottanasana
  • Janu Sirsasana A B & C
  • Marichyasana A B C & D
  • Navasana
  • Bhujapidasana
  • Kurmasana
  • Supta Kurmasana
  • Garbha Pindasana
  • Kukkutasana
  • Baddha Konasana A & B
  • Konasana
  • Upavishta Konasana
  • Supta Konasana
  • Supta Padangusthasana A & B
  • Ubhaya Padanghusthasana
  • Urdhva Mukha Pashimottanasana
  • Setu Bandhasana
  • Urdhva Dhanurasana
  • Salamba Sarvangasana
  • Halasana
  • Karnapidasana
  • Urdhva Pindasana
  • Matsyasana
  • Urdhva Padmasana
  • Sirsasana
  • Urdhva Dandasana
  • Baddha Padmasana
  • Yogimudrasana
  • Utpluti
  • Savasana

Meditation or Dhyana is the 7th limb of Ashtanga yoga. Dhyana is a self-practice, which can remove the thoughts leading to the worldly attachments, it can withdraw the sense from worldly things and bring all the awareness within.

In our Vinyasa teacher training course at vinyasa Yogashala, you will learn to do -:

  • Antar Mouna (inner silence)
  • Breathing awareness meditation
  • Mantra awareness meditation
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Definition and importance of Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic approach to a healthy life
  • Concept of health and hygiene
  • Know your body nature by understanding the 5 element
  • Tri doshas
  • Different branches of Ayurveda
  • What to eat and what not to eat according to your body
  • Physical strength
  • Nature of material substances
  • The seven fundamental tissue
  • Managing Waste matter of our body
  • Digestion and metabolism
  • Prakriti- know your constitution
  • Supporting pillars of the body
  • Body channels
  • Introduction to Kundalini Tantra
  • What is Kundalini
  • Risks & Precautions for Kundalini
  • Rules & Preparations for Kundalini
  • Eligibility for Kundalini
  • Yogic Diet for Kundalini
  • The practice of Kundalini Meditation
  • Nadis in Kundalini Yoga
  • Yogic Diet for Kundalini
  • Chakra Perception
  • Preparation for Kundalini Awakening
  • Methods of Kundalini Awakening:
  • Kundalini Awakening with Herbs
  • Kundalini Awakening with Mantra
  • Kundalini Awakening with Pranayama
  • Kundalini Awakening with Tapa (Austerity)
  • Kundalini Awakening with Tantrik Practices
  • Kundalini Awakening with Shaktipat Initiation
  • Kundalini Awakening with Raja Yoga
  • Kundalini Awakening with by Birth
  • Seven Aspects of Kundalini Meditation
  • Chakra Interaction with Prana
  • Kundalini practices with Chakras
  • Beej Mantra &Kriya Yoga Meditation
  • Chakra awareness

Benefit of the course

  • 3 days/2 night free stay in Vinyasa Yogashala Rishikesh
  • Free Yoga Nidra Pre-recorded Course worth 199 USD
  • Volunteering opportunity in Vinyasa Yogashala
  • Eligible to join our other 300-hours Yoga teacher training course
  • Become a part of Vinyasa Yogashala family
  • Self-control and deep understanding of life
  • Get motivated to open a yoga centre
  • 10% Discount in the future courses


300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Emma Balanov

The teachers are really nice, always giving a nice and practical informations in a lovely and compassionate way, everything you need to become a teacher yourself! I did the 200h training online and the videos are quite good made + some classes are disposed in live which is nice to be interactive and get a direct feedback. Of course if you need any detail or you don't understand something, they will be present to answer your questions quite fast :) thank you vinyasa yogashala! Like

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Natalie Fung

Took the YTT 200 online course here. The course materials were easily accessible and worked on different platforms/ gadgets. The weekly zoom classes were great, and Ashish was very kind and attentive in answering our questions. Highly recommended!

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Risako Rutledge

I had been looking for an online 200 hour YTT course and I’m very happy I’ve encountered Vinyasa Yogashala. The classes brought me so much more value than the price. This online course allowed me to learn authentic Yoga from Rishikesh, India even I’m in Japan ! It’s also self-paced classes so you can study anytime you wish. The classes are organized by categories and easy to follow. The teachers have a deep knowledge of yoga and are always open to answer your questions. I’d highly recommend if anyone’s considering to start 200 hour YTT course.

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

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covid notice

Good News!

Our online yoga teacher training is approved by Yoga Alliance to be deemed as a 'regular' training for the year 2024-25. It means you can register as a RYT300 with this online training..

Benefits of this online course

  • More flexible and self-paced learning: Learn at your schedule and convenience
  • Watch videos multiple times: Re-watch all videos as per your need
  • Limitless personal support: Contact the teacher as per your needs
  • Low costs: Course costs are half of the in-person training cost.

Perfectly structured and highly interactive online yoga teacher training program

Our online YTT programs are not open-ended courses that you need to figure out things on your own. Instead, 20 min online videos that we provide are easily understandable and prepared by some highly skilled experts from across the world. Moreover, there are highly live interactive calls, discussions, reviews, and practice teaching.

Here are some more features

  • Everybody will graduate at the same time
  • No one is left behind
  • Zoom calls are short and not more than 2 long hours
  • As you appear to live on zoom with a similar group of students weekly, you will slowly become part of one community.

Go past the yoga mat

We aim to infuse yoga in all aspects of life and assist people in using the ancient science of yoga and toga traditions to resolve several issues. This training equips you to face students and empowers you to move in your life so that you will feel centered and align with your own values. But in yoga also, no one size fits everyone. You are responsible for discovering your own inner teacher and unique style. We offer you the tools to help you to be uniquely you.

We always focus on things that are in demand.

Not like other training places, we always focus on on-demand sectors. This involves exclusive sessions with eminent persons in the same field. This enhances your capability to teach, heal and treat the complete person.

Clarity on anatomy

Other than the primary names of bones and muscles, our anatomy expert will be incorporating complete anatomical knowledge into the dimension of the subtle body that includes chakras, koshas, and bandhas. When you graduate, you will have complete knowledge of human anatomy and its relation to the ancient yoga philosophy. Isn't it a completely holistic approach?

Meditation is important

Not many YTTs scrape the basics of meditation. But when you are adequately aware of the breath, it will transform the yoga theory into reality. When you have a controlled breath, it will ignite transformation at all levels. Control in breathing leads you to meditation, and in yoga, meditation is essential. You can generate your practice for meditation. This will lead to the evolution of your signature meditation that you can train others while incorporating yoga and mindfulness into yoga classes.

You are your boss

When you enroll yourself in this yoga teacher training, you will also learn about ways to earn by teaching yoga. By getting trained through our live, interactive, you can make a transition to teaching online rapidly as well as efficiently. But it would help if you remained savvy on how to spend your time.

Why Vinyasa Yogashala?

  • Yoga teachers with a very long heritage of over 5 generations.
  • Top rated yoga school in Rishikesh
  • Get access to numerous yoga teachers.

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This course includes:

  • 230 course videos + 100 hour live classes
  • 100 hour live classes
  • Study Materials
  • Yoga alliance Accreditation
  • Certification of Completion
  • 1 year access
  • Compatible with Mobile, Desktop and Tablets

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Online Yoga Teacher Training Course
300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Easy 100% Money Back Guarantee

Since the main aim of this course is the satisfaction of the students and the participants, therefore, if an individual does not like the course or finds it useful they can ask for a full refund within 7 days of the purchase of the course. No questions will be asked to the participant.

This suggests that the course is offering a trial period of 7 days in which the student can try the course to see if they are compatible with the same and get a full refund if not compatible.

Practice Videos Of Our Students

Worldwide Accredited Certification

With our certificate you can teach Yoga worldwide. Our 300 hour online yoga teacher training course is fully accredited with Yoga Alliance. After completion you can register yourselves as RYT 300 with Yoga Alliance. 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Our Spritual Yoga Gurus

Best Yoga School in Rishikesh

B.K.S. Iyengar

Best Yoga School in Rishikesh

Shri K. Pattabhi Jois

Best Yoga School in Rishikesh

Swami Rama

Best Yoga School in Rishikesh

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Best Yoga School in Rishikesh

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Best Yoga Teachers Rishikesh India

All our teachers and gurus are experienced instructors who are well trained and well-versed in all things about yoga – ensuring that all of our graduates are fully equipped to be successful. All teachers here have a Masters in Yogic Science as well as certificates from the Yoga Alliance.

Did you know? The core teachers at Vinyasa Yogashala are international asana champions!

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Ashtanga Yoga & Alignment

Ashish Rawat(Founder)

Experience 23+ Years

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Traditional Hatha Yoga

Ravi Bisht

Experience 25+ Years

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga Philosophy

Acharya Vinay

Experience 25+ Years

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Meditation & Pranayama

Tanushree Rawat

Experience 21+ Years

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga Anatomy & Mantra Chanting

Shivam Rawat

Experience 21+ Years

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Bhagwat Geeta

Yogi Raghav

Experience 21+ Years

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Sound & Reiki Healing

Siddha Ji

Experience 21+ Years

Kundalini Kriya Yoga

Yogi Rohit Kumar

Experience 25+ Years

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yin Yang Yoga

Yogi Aman

Experience 10+ Years

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Ashtanga Yoga

Yogi Shobhit Ghanshyala

Experience 18+ Years

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yoga Philosophy

Dr. Mahesh Bhatt

Experience 25+ Years

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh


Yogi Deepak

Experience 15+ Years

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Kundalini Tantra Yoga

Yogi Sushant Pandey

Experience 25+ Years

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Mantra Chanting & Kundalini Kriya

Mandeep Bhatt

Experience 20+ Years

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yoga Philosophy


Experience 20+ Years

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Aerial Yoga

Rosee Ji

Experience 15+ Years

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Sound & Reiki Healing

Abhishek Ji

Experience 18+ Years

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Vinyasa Flow, Mantra Chanting

Jeet Ji

Experience 12+ Years

Why Should I Become A Certified International Yoga Instructor?

  • To help create an Impact: Becoming a certified international yoga instructor will not only help you offer meaning and reason for living but also say goodbye to boring desk jobs. It will help you make your students flexible, strong, mentally healthy, and self-aware. You will be able to become a leader in your community and create an impact.
  • Great Career opportunities: Yoga is becoming more and more famous with every passing day. This gives the yoga instructors great career opportunities. CNN has ranked the job of a “Yoga Instructor” as one of the top 10 careers with a median pay of $ 72000 annually. Thus being a qualified yoga instructor is a great scope for your career.
  • Independence and Freedom: Doing yoga and teaching yoga gives you the freedom and independence to live your life on your terms. You can teach as per your preferences in schools, clubs, teaching centers, and even online.
  • Become a Freelancer and be your own boss: Being a freelance yoga instructor will help you set up your own workshops or retreats and thus help you be a freelancer and an independent and free entrepreneur.
  • Have a vibrant Peer Group: The group of people who are into yoga and its art is usually very positive-minded and vibrant by nature. Thus by becoming a certified yoga instructor you get to meet and know a very vibrant peer group.
  • Travel & Adventure: By becoming a certified yoga instructor you get to travel through various places across the world. You will be called to great places like cruise ships, luxury hotels, and resorts to teach yoga. It is a great opportunity for travel and adventure lovers.

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Our Student's Testimonials


Anvita Paul

I'm so grateful that I found this school. Everybody takes care of you and want that you have a good time. Small groups and the teachers are great! The food ist very delicious! The hotel staff is also very helpful and friendly. And the most beautiful thing is that everyone is on the same level and it is not like in school. It is like family.



For anyone wanting to become a yoga instructor or simply interested in the yogic lifestyle, this is an amazing place to learn and create unforgettable memories. The teachers are super motivated and passionated within their field, each of them with their own loving personality. They'll strive to teach you their experiences.


Shivi Gill

Such a wonderful experience! The teachers and the curriculum for the 200 hour online yoga teacher training course were amazing. Loved that there were live classes every week and the teachers were always available to answer questions!



Great classes and excellent communication with the supporting service. When my access to classes expired (remember you have access for 1 year, I hadn't noticed, they extended it for FREE. This school is very serious and there is a weekly yoga class via zoom. I recommend it.



I was looking for the best yoga school to take a yoga teacher’s course and looked through dozens of listings, finally decided on Vinyasa Yogashala – and I am glad I did. The reason I selected this school was that they offered hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, and yin yoga, while other schools usually specialized only in one type. The course was everything I expected and more. Every discipline had a specialized teacher who was an expert. The courses are well-structured and assignments require implementing a lot of learned knowledge (not easy by any means), whichgets you to do the work. The assignments are graded promptly. There is an online class weekly, which you can join live or watch the recording later. The link to classes is shared in a WhatsApp group, which I found also helpful to ask questions and hear from other students. It’s the first online course I took and the experience was wonderful. The teachers are very helpful and friendly. I have already recommended this school to a friend and she is totally in awe of the school as well.


Taisy Chan

Thanks you so much for this wonderful Yoga class! I was a bit afraid to join this class because a lot of the yoga-asanas are still quite challenging to me. But the teachers are very knowledgeable, motivating, and welcoming. Due to Corona, I took a 200 hour online yoga teacher training course and I'm very happy with the mixture of live-class (Zoom) and online learning. You get a lot of help and information to learn about Yoga, regardless of your current level of practice :-)



Amazing program! You can do it at your own pace and the instructors are always there to answer questions for the assignments and for extra knowledge. a Really thorough curriculum!


Christiana Key

This course is extremely informative and goes beyond what I thought they would teach me. I loved the easy-going teaching style and how comfortable the teachers are in their subject matter. My only issues were because of online technical difficulties: There is a long, continuous "Om" track that plays underneath all the lessons (besides Kundalini, I think) that can get a little annoying, especially when learning the chants, as they are not in the same key and it's hard to focus. Also, some of the lessons cut in and out because of the microphone, but these sound issues don't get in the way of the knowledge they impart, just a little distracting. I'm glad I chose Vinyasa Yogashala for my 200 hour online yoga teacher training course and will be taking shorter courses IRL with them as soon as I can!


Yang Cao

Great place to expand your knowledge and to practice. Very well explained and fast responsive whenever I had any questions or problems. Communication is great!!! The experience is great and you go at your own pace. Recommend 100%



The Yoga Nidra training was an amazing experience for me. The training was informative, and I truly enjoyed communicating with the Vinyasa Yogashala team throughout the experience. Thank you so much!


Emma Balanov

The teachers are really nice, always giving nice and practical information in a lovely and compassionate way, everything you need to become a teacher yourself! I did the 200h training online and the videos are quite well made + some classes are disposed ofin life which is nice to be interactive and get direct feedback. Of course, if you need any detail or you don't understand something, they will be present to answer your questions quite fast :) thank you vinyasa yogashala!

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Is this online yoga course as effective as in-person training?

This course is designed by some of the best and experienced yoga teachers of our school. The course syllabus, certification, and everything else remains the same as the in-person course. So this 200-hour online yoga teacher training course is as effective as the in-person course.

2 Who is this program for?

This online yoga teacher training program is for yoga students looking to deepen their practice, as well as those of you who are looking to teach yoga as a professional yoga instructor.

3 Can I register under yoga alliance after the completion of this course?

Yes, you can register under yoga alliance after the successful completion of the course

4 Should I take this course even if I don't want to be a yoga teacher?

Please do! Yoga teacher training is a wonderful way to deepen and recommit to your practice.

5 How long it takes the training to complete?

You can take as long as you wish. You will need to complete it with in 1 year to be certified by Yoga Alliance.

6 Do I need to pay any extra fee after purchasing the course?

Absolutely No, There is no extra fee involved after the purchase of the course. You need to pay only the fee that is mentioned on the website.

7 Do I need to purchase any books for this course?

No, All the books and study materials like the yoga manual will be shared with you after the successful purchase of the course.

8 Does the course include live classes?

Yes, there will be live classes on weekend and the timings of the live classes can be decided according to the convenience of the students.

9 Is this course certificate valid all over the world?

Yes, this course is certified by the yoga alliance whose certificate is valid all over the world.

10 What are the supported payment methods?

The supported payment methods are Paypal, Credit Card and Bank transfer.

Your Yogashala Is Giving Back!

Vinyasa Yogashala Is Proud To Associate With GiveIndia's Mission: "Every Girl In School". For Every Course You Purchase, You Are Contributing To A Girl Child’s Education In India. We Are Proud To Associate With The Vision And Ideology Of Give India And Pledge To Make A Difference With Your Support.

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Trainign Course

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300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

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